Technology Center Leoben
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Assistant R&D and Site Manager
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Global technology leader through research & development

Our scientific curiosity, our creativity and our perpetual search for new and exceptional ideas and solutions have made us what we are today: the global technology leader in refractories.

International Technology Center Leoben
The international Technology Center in Leoben, Austria, today presents itself as the world’s leading research and development institute and coordinates the scientific contact with universities, extramural research institutions and our customers all over the world.

Customer-oriented research and development
Our research and development activities form the basis of the innovative strength of our group and have always catered to customer needs that occur at short notice and to long-term trends of key customers.

Training and education
The Leoben site is not only an international research and development center of RHI, but also an education institute for the new R&D generation and a refractories training center for new employees and customers.

Number of employees
More than 170 experts from 12 countries, of which slightly more than 30% are women.

University of Leoben
We maintain excellent contact with the University of Leoben, our long-standing partner in research, support its students during their studies, grant scholarships, offer internships and recruit the best of the best as future employees for our company.

Field experiments
Our location in the immediate vicinity of internationally acknowledged companies such as voestalpine, Böhler-Uddeholm or Lafarge enables us to conduct long-term field experiments in a wide variety of different industries.