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Welcome to the procurement homepage of RHI AG. As a multinational company we strive to meet the requirements of our production and sales sites at all times. In order to continuously achieve this level of excellence, the procurement organization of RHI AG is divided into three different areas: central purchasing, regional purchasing as well as local purchasing. The procurement organization of RHI AG fosters synergies in these purchasing areas through the use of a global purchasing network and optimized collaboration between the individual purchasing units. 

Central Purchasing
The central purchasing unit of RHI AG, with its main offices in Leoben, Austria, is responsible for the strategic organization of all purchasing activities.  

The following expert departments of central purchasing constantly strive for proactive development supplier and the efficient execution of all purchasing activities:

  • procurement of raw materials

  • procurement of investment goods

  • procurement of corporate services and transportation

  • procurement of resale products

Regional Purchasing (Regional Service Centers)
Regional purchasing collaborates closely with RHI’s plants in various regions and accomplishes the systematic bundling of smaller requirements on a regional level. Currently, regional purchasing units are located in Austria, Germany, Italy and China.