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Blast furnace runners

Over the past decades the performance of blast furnaces has gradually increased. This development has had a massive impact on the profile of requirements placed on the refractory linings of runner systems.

RHI’s installation concepts for blast furnace runner systems are based on state-of-the-art technical standards, taking into consideration individual customer wishes and requirements.
The RHI product program is optimally keyed to the two main functions, the separation of pig iron from slag and its transport to the subsequent transport vessels or other facilities.
The operation parameters of the blast furnace (performance, size, metallurgy, tapping practice, etc.), as well the different stresses on the refractory linings caused by pig iron and slag, lead to a product program which is optimally suited to the different customers’ operating parameters.
Each part of the runner is exposed to different stress factors, which influence the selection of the right refractory products.