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Solutions for the steel industry

Our complete product and service portfolio for the steel industry ranges from basic and non-basic bricks and mixes, isostatically pressed products and prefab components to special machinery, repair systems and services for the lining of diverse units on site.

We are:
The world market and technology leader.

Worldwide – on site.

A sustainable increase in productivity developed in close cooperation with our customers, using innovative products and new technologies.

A significant reduction of refractories costs based on the optimization and adaptation of lining concepts to the production processes and the use of high-tech machinery.

An optimization of the materials and systems used corresponding to metallurgical requirements, in close cooperation with our specialists on site.

Exemplary refractories solutions by RHI:
In the RHI Contract Business segment, we offer customized solutions for individual units or segments, depending on customer requirements; the extended version, RHI Full Line Service, covers refractories solutions and services for entire steel plants.

Globally leading brands:
Including ANCARBON, ANKERHARTH, DELTEK, GRASANIT, PENTABRICK, RADEX, SYNCARBON, UREX, ZETTRAL etc. which are established in the market as state of the art.